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To Do – 4/26

A) Reading & LOQ Discussion based on MacBeth by William Shakespeare Act V Scene I – Scene VIII by 4/28/17.

  • Watching Movie Thursday/Friday
  • We will not have a discussion, but students will be able to use LOQs on any assessment.

B) Roots Test based on Root List 9-16   

    • Root List Quiz #13 will occur on 4/27 & 4/28 (week7)
    • Test will occur on May 9th (Week 9)
    • Will count as a major

C) Passion Project Due towards the end of 2nd Semester

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Time Machine Permission Slip

We have completed reading HG Wells classic tale The Time Machine. Upon completion of the novel, we will be viewing the 2002 adaptation of the movie, but this, like the novel, has some adult situations. The rating for this movie is PG-13. Please fill out the form and check the appropriate box indicating whether or not your child has permission to view the movie. If you do not wish for your child to watch this movie, I will provide an alternative activity for them. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Lit Circle Reading/Socratic Seminar (update)

Lit Circle Reading – The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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Extra Credit Kahoot!

Students will be given the following extra credit opportunity: 9th On Level Vocabulary Kahoot! creation. This is a voluntary activity, and you are not required to participate. The extra credit will be counted towards your Root Word Assessment next week.

  1. Student will need to open this Google Drive link titled 9OL Vocabulary Blank Q1-Q4
  2. Students have already been assigned specific weeks. If you don’t remember, ask!
  3. Student will then need to make a Kahoot! based on the 10 words for their assigned week.
    • Kahoot! will need to be quiz style with multiple choice answers.
    • Be creative when you create this Kahoot!
    • Be accurate when you create this Kahoot!
    • Email me with any questions.
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To Do – 10/06/16

Students will have an Essay due on 10/07/16

  • Major Assessment
  • Student will submit digital copy to
  • Student will submit hard copy to be graded in class.


Students will have a Literature Circle Discussion based on Freakonomics (10/13/16 & 10/14/16)

  1. Prep Questions for discussion
  2. Prep Questions will be included in final grade (see rubric)
  3. View Rubric
  4. Students should be keeping up with Literature Circles Role Sheets (advanced)
    1. The aforementioned will be included in final grade (see rubric)
  5. Will count in minor
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Work Ethic Formative Points (update)

Moving forward from October 12th until the end of the year, daily work ethic points will be earned in class. This classroom management technique has two goals, and they are as follows: parent communication and to provide students with a basic understanding of what it means to be productive while in the classroom.

Summary: These points will be given daily (5 points/day) and are 0% of your total grade. They will be input at the end of the week into the grade book. These points do not impact your grade in a negative or positive manner; however, they do give your parent/guardian more insight as to whether or not you, the student, are on task during class time. These points are all or nothing. Ask questions if you would like clarification…

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